THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2014年5月号 #406

THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2014年5月号 #406

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今月号はLouie Lopezのポスター付きです。

Current Issue: Thrasher Magazine May 2014
with Free Poster
Jaws goes dump-truck diving on the May cover and continues the freak show inside with a 14-page aberration of an interview. Sometimes you just gotta say "huck it." Pappalardo keeps us in the loop; Danny Way talks shotgun graphics; Ethan Loy ventures to the fringe of lunacy; Bones slaps some babies in Spain; Volcom hits Hong Kong and Central America while searching for the truth; Taylor Kirby, Youness Amrani and Dolan Stearns all get grilled and the new generation of Powell Peralta unites on the East Coast. Need more convincing? How about a free poster of Louie Lopez to give your girlfriend for her birthday? Done deal.

Torey and Trevor break down the new issue of the mag while camped out in an RV at Thrasher headquarters.