THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2014年1月号 #402



January 2014
Mark Suciu welcomes you to 2014 by gracing the January cover with a backside noseblunt down an infamous SF State kinker (Duffy approved!) The Habitat heaviness continues within, including full-length interviews with Suciu and Brian Delatorre and a 20-page feature chronicling the Search The Horizon video project. Manderson, Silas and James Hardy blow it in South Africa, The Red Dragons talk mayhem while desecrating some Eastern Canadian spots and a solid twelve-page photo feature gives your brain a few seconds to rest while your eyes bleed tears of joy. And just in case you need a little more, how about Jerry Hsu and Daewon Song breaking down the myths of the Asian skateboarder and a Canvas spread with the art of Stefan Janoski? Stick a switchblade in it, this one's done.