THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2014年2月号 #403


今月号は"Hell Of A Year"DVD付きのスペシャル号です。

February 2014 with FREE Hell Of A Year DVD

The vans may be parked, but the road rage lives on in our special King of the Road takeover issue. Birdhouse snatches the crown and scorches the cover with a flaming backside boneless courtesy of Ben Raybourn. Real, Chocolate and Enjoi might not have brought home the title, but that doesn't mean they didn't put it all on the line and dive headfirst into the special brand of lunacy that is KOTR. All the costumes and craziness lie within, so don't sleep on the insanity. And as if that wasn't enough for one month, this issue comes packaged with our FREE 90-minute "Hell Of A Year" DVD featuring the gnarliest shit that went down on video this past year. If Santa shafts you this year, don't worry. We've got your back, kid.