THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2014年3月号 #404【ポスター付】

THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2014年3月号 #404【ポスター付】

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March 2014

T-Puds pops the top on the March issue with a massive nollie flip down a solid stack, welcoming you to the carnage of the March issue. Alex Olson escapes to NYC for his feature interview where he discusses his vision for his new company, rave culture and sexual-orientation discrimination in skateboarding. Alec Majerus proves that Seniors still rule by acing every skate test put in front of him with twelve pages of varsity-level shredding. On-the-road-wise: the Neff dudes gets Neffarious in the Pacific Northwest and JSLV heads to China to unearth some timeless proverbial skate wisdom. An eighteen-page Photo Feature gives your brain time to relax and your eyes time to bleed. Add to it some dusty Oakland DIY, a Danforth Classic Graphics, coverage of the skating and music at the Fun Fun Fun Fest and a peak at this year's Skater of the Year party and this Bible is fully blessed. Throw in a free Alec Majerus poster and you'd be a heathen not to add this one to your collection.