THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2015年3月号 #416【ポスター付】

THRASHER / MAGAZINE 2015年3月号 #416【ポスター付】

販売価格: 900円(税別)

(税込: 990円)


今月号にはKenny Andersonのポスターがついています。

March 2015
Classic power meets innovation on the March front as AVE goes over the back to switch 5-0 in NYC. F'ing Awesome, indeed. We're not gonna tease you with one photo, though. We got 14 more pages of Van Engelen once you crack this beast open; What else? Cyril Jackson talks about skating the streets (and sleeping in them), the Naawwsty Crew rolls deep from ATL to FL; Krooked krushes Korea and the Deathwish team spreads some love on the East Coast. and if that's not enough stoke for your face, Shane O'Neill has a killer ten-page feature, however, his Wallenberg NBD Contents spread is worth the admission price alone. Free poster inside.